Blog Engineering Work

Well I’ve taken heed of the “your WordPress is out of date” warnings and upgraded to the latest version. I’ve also upgraded to a more recent version of the K2 theme I use as the site template. Please bear with me if if some of the sidebar items move about or vanish – normal service will be resumed shortly.

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4 Responses to Blog Engineering Work

  1. You’ve finally prompted me to do the same with mine – a spring clean was very much in order. I can think of better ways to spend an hour of my time though – this was probably work avoidance behaviour.

  2. Iain says:

    My upgrade nearly caused me far more grief than it was worth. It started doing funny things with my template, including shifting both sidebar columns to the same side. I think everything seems to be in working order now though…

  3. Looks good in my browser.

  4. Iain says:

    Cheers Steve. I need to update the header with newer pictures at some point…

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