Casino War

The last day or so has seen much gnashing of teeth at Manchester City Council and in the media about the Government’s decision to axe the “Super Casino” in east Manchester.

I’ll save the arguments for and against a huge gambling complex for another time, but Manchester City Council are absolutely right to be furious at the way they have been treated by the Labour Government. In fact, all the bidders have been treated extremely shabbily. They all spent significant amounts of their own money preparing bids in the hope of bringing a huge amount of investment into their towns and cities, only to subsequently find out that the prize for victory did not exist anyway!

Now when TV phone-ins were guilty of something similar, they received huge fines and universal condemnation. If a private company were to run a competition without a prize, they’d be under instant investigation and words like “scam” would be bandied about in the press.

What’s the difference?

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