PoliticsHome Survey: Labour In Trouble In Worsley & Eccles South

Local residents in Walkden have been represented in Parliament by a Labour MP since 1935, with the exception of the two years from 1981-83 when the sitting Labour MP defected to the SDP. It may well be that this long run is set to come to an end – throughout most of the last year, the national opinion polls have shown that on a uniform swing the new Parliamentary constituency of Worsley & Eccles South is set to be a competitive marginal.

Of course, anyone with the slightest interest in electoral politics knows that swings in individual seats are often anything but uniform, so from a Conservative perspective it is encouraging to read today’s in-depth report from PoliticsHome on the situation in marginal constituencies. PoliticsHome have polled and analysed over 35000 voters across the country in marginal seats, looking at local and regional issues in depth, and are predicting a Conservative victory in Worsley & Eccles South as well as many others in the North-West.

This of course ties in with results from the last set of local elections – in the wards making up the new constituency, Conservative candidates had a lead of over 12% from their Labour counterparts. Locally and nationally Labour have let down local residents across the area -in Walkden, Little Hulton, Worsley, Boothstown, Ellenbrook, Winton, Eccles, Barton, Patricroft, Peel Green, Irlam and Cadishead – and only the Conservatives are listening and responding to local concerns. It’s time for a change!

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3 Responses to PoliticsHome Survey: Labour In Trouble In Worsley & Eccles South

  1. Adam says:


    I’ve posted before on your blog saying that I believe you have a real chance of winning in the new constituency of Worsley & Eccles South.

    But the question remains, where’s you parliamentary candidate? I hope you don’t end up shipping in one of Cameron’s cronies from London?

    Do you not fancy having a crack at it yourself? : )

  2. Iain says:


    As far as I am aware we will select a candidate before Christmas. It’s up to the local members to choose the candidate and I wouldn’t (and shouldn’t) speculate as to who they might choose. Whoever is selected, I will be working hard to ensure that local residents return a Conservative MP who will stand up for their interests.


  3. Richard Carvath says:

    I’m seriously considering standing for Worsley/Eccles South. If I do stand it will be as an Independent but my manifesto would of course comprise my true Conservative political stance borne out of my genuine and unchanging political convictions.

    Regardless of the candidate which will be fielded by the Cameronian Conservative Party, I do strongly believe that Worsley and Eccles voters should have the opportunity to vote for a true and genuine conservative and that is what I am.

    If I do stand [as an Independent] I shall look forward to offering voters the choice between true conservatism – as represented by myself – and the tory-lite, conviction-free, Tony Blair style parody of conservatism that is all that the contemporary Conservative Party sadly appears to amount to.

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