Labour Conference vs Eurovision

The Manchester Evening News website has a special section devoted to the current Labour Conference. Readers are invited to check out Peter Devine’s blog “for Conference related news”. The blog is question, though, is entitled “All Things Eurovision” – so alongside news of Caroline Flint’s call for housing purchases is the latest on next month’s Eurovision Fan Convention in Birmingham. Bizarre.

Anyway, it got me thinking, what do the Labour Conference and the Eurovision Song Contest have in common? Suggestions from the floor are very welcome in the comments, but my initial thought was that Britain pays through the nose for both events and doesn’t do very well out of them!

Anyway over to you dear reader for your suggestions… I might compile an Iain Dale-style top ten if I get enough responses!

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5 Responses to Labour Conference vs Eurovision

  1. joe oneill says:

    Do the LABOUR party get free trips to the eurovision as well?

  2. Martin O'Neill says:

    One used to involve voting for the most talented but recently has been more about polictical friends backing each other up, the other is the Eurovision song contest.

  3. what do the Labour Conference and the Eurovision Song Contest have in common?

    They are both adored by the BBC.

    The really talented people have already made it in the private sector.

    An interpreter is required to understand what is going on. EG Highest number of jobs created for 10 years..{unemployment is rising} Lowest level of debt of any country {in Central America} etc.

    Most people don’t watch them.

    You have to back your own entry no mater how useless it is.

    After a few years they all sound the same.

    The Queen is rumoured to be an enthusiastic viewer { but she isn’t really}

    Two days after its over you can’t remember what it was they were banging on about.

    The EU has the final say anyway.

  4. James says:

    Both involve talentless individuals.
    Both continue past their sell by date
    Terry Wogan and Gordon Brown share the most BORING voices
    Nothing sensible comes out of either
    Both are out of tune with the British public
    Not many British vote for either
    Both involve performers making a song and dance about nothing
    British public get let down by both
    as there’s nothing new

  5. James says:

    Back in the days of vinyl(plastic round things) a Eurovision contestant brought out a record called Broken Promises.

    Labour Conferences have brought out a record number of broken promises.

    There is usually more than one partisipant in the Eurovision song contest who makes a fool of themselves

    Ditto Labour Party Conferences.

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