Community Committee Newsletter’s Labour Bias

Over the weekend, I stumbled across a copy of the latest edition of the Irlam & Cadishead Community Newsletter. On the back page are contact details for all 6 local Councillors (fine) and the local MP Ian Stewart, who has of course been deselected by Labour activists. All fine so far. There’s also contact details for an MEP, and this is where things go a little wrong. You see, like all residents in the North West the good folk of Irlam & Cadishead have 9 MEPs of varying political hues to represent them in the European Parliament. You wouldn’t know that by reading the Irlam & Cadishead Community Newsletter though, because it only lists one Labour MEP.

Why is a Council-funded publication referring to one particular (Labour) MEP and makes no reference to the other eight? To compound the error, is not a European Parliamentary website but is a Labour campaign site. It is the equivalent of linking to Ludicrous.

Is it any wonder that opposition Councillors worry about propaganda in Council-funded publications? How long have our Community Newsletters been referring to a Labour MEP only?

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9 Responses to Community Committee Newsletter’s Labour Bias

  1. Salix Homes Tenant says:

    Well Iain you appear to have found the Holy Grail. I have yet to see a Community Committee Newsletter, or indeed any other Local Salford Rag. As this appears to be evidence of even more political bias from these pathetic committees, which to my mind serve no purpose whatsoever.
    What action will opposition councillors be taking to ensure that this doesn’t happen again?

  2. Steve Cooke says:

    I’m pretty certain that this is far from the first time that council newsletters have only mentioned Labour MEPs. Given that there’s an EU election coming up this seems a remarkably biased and stupid thing to do.

  3. Richard Carvath says:

    Can we have an explanation for this from John Merry please?

  4. joe oneill says:

    There is no bias shown, all parties are treated the same. Hoops Sorry i was reading a labour leaflet.Start again i totaly agree its a disgrace. But we are the dreaded Liberal Democrats and conservatives,our view seems to matter little in New Labour Country..

  5. John Merry says:

    Believe it or not I do not vet every Council publication I will investigate what has happened. I have no doubt Ian has drawn it to the Chief Executives attention rather than just blogging about it. But then conspiracy theories are far more entertaining

  6. Richard Carvath says:

    I commend you for your response John.

  7. Adam says:


    Thought you might be interested to know that the same information is displayed at Irlam Train Station on its information board.

    It’s a bit out of date though as it still features former Councillor Rodger Jones.


  8. Iain says:

    FOIS have just stuck the back page of the Community Newsletter up there, which is fair enough. Not their fault the information is biased.

  9. John Merry says:

    I have had a response indicating that this was a mistake and that in future community newsletters will simply indicate a contact number to ring for details of all MEPs

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