Salford Leads The Way In Huge “No” Vote

I’ve spent the morning at the MICC in Manchester City Centre, and I’ve just left after hearing the returning officer announce that Labour’s Congestion Charge Tax has been soundly defeated by huge margins in all ten boroughs of Greater Manchester. Lord Peter Smith, the leader of Wigan Council, gave a particularly ungracious speech afterwards. The results are as follows:

Bolton – 78.93% voted no (turnout 48.8%)
Bury – 79.44% voted no (turnout 57.4%)
Manchester – 72.17% voted no (turnout 46.1%)
Oldham – 79.68% voted no (turnout 54.5%)
Rochdale – 78.06% voted no (turnout 50.8%)
Salford – 84.45% voted no (turnout 57.0%)
Stockport – 81.15% voted no (turnout 59.0%)
Tameside – 83.58% voted no (turnout 60.7%)
Trafford – 80.34% voted no (turnout 63.6%)
Wigan – 73.86% voted no (turnout 45.3%)
So all-in-all a thoroughly emphatic rejection, and I am particularly pleased that local residents in Salford gave the Congestion Charge the strongest thumbs-down. More analysis soon!