Salford Leads The Way In Huge “No” Vote

I’ve spent the morning at the MICC in Manchester City Centre, and I’ve just left after hearing the returning officer announce that Labour’s Congestion Charge Tax has been soundly defeated by huge margins in all ten boroughs of Greater Manchester. Lord Peter Smith, the leader of Wigan Council, gave a particularly ungracious speech afterwards. The results are as follows:

Bolton – 78.93% voted no (turnout 48.8%)
Bury – 79.44% voted no (turnout 57.4%)
Manchester – 72.17% voted no (turnout 46.1%)
Oldham – 79.68% voted no (turnout 54.5%)
Rochdale – 78.06% voted no (turnout 50.8%)
Salford – 84.45% voted no (turnout 57.0%)
Stockport – 81.15% voted no (turnout 59.0%)
Tameside – 83.58% voted no (turnout 60.7%)
Trafford – 80.34% voted no (turnout 63.6%)
Wigan – 73.86% voted no (turnout 45.3%)
So all-in-all a thoroughly emphatic rejection, and I am particularly pleased that local residents in Salford gave the Congestion Charge the strongest thumbs-down. More analysis soon!
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7 Responses to Salford Leads The Way In Huge “No” Vote

  1. Tudor says:

    What a resounding result so pleased that Salford gave the strongest thumbs down at 84.45%.
    I guess the only people in Salford that voted YES were the Labour members of Salford City Council who of course are totally out of touch with the electorate.

  2. Richard Carvath says:


  3. Richard Lowe says:

    Fabulous news Iain, and congratulations on Salford leading the way!

  4. joe oneill says:

    I agree fully with the above comments. But what next,How can we be told there are no other plans? why are this Labour government so out of touch with the grass roots. How much as this shambles cost us. I don’t really belive this is the last we will hear.

  5. Adam says:


    You are aware that road pricing is national Lib Dem policy? But just not on my patch hey?

    I reject to you making this political. It makes you look a bit foolish to be honest. Let’s turn the tables shall we. The Liberal Democrats in Rochdale and Manchester, including MPs Paul Rowen and John Leech, supported the TIF Bid. Does that make them out of touch with the grassroots or the electorate?

    You are correct in one assumption, this won’t be the last we hear about road pricing. It will eventually be forced upon us. Sadly it won’t come with £2.8Billion next time.

    Finally you ask ‘what’s next?’ You are the elected member to council, you tell us what you plan to do next to improve public transport in Salford?

  6. Martin O'Neill says:

    the ruling group may attempt to silence opposition in council with their majority but in the end of the day you cant silence the voice of the people.
    the tif proponents struck lonely figures yesterday at Manchester Central as the multitude adorned themselves with the Vote No pins as the result looked certain.
    dissapointed with the comments coming out of Smith, Leese and co. I suppose what they say about Leopards not changing their spots.
    time to create that plan ‘b’ that the proponents of the charge would not entertain, less the calls of ‘show me the money’. they do at times resemble more Jerry Maguire than real leaders.

  7. joe oneill says:

    You don’t no me that well. But can i say i could not care if nick came all the way from london and told me to vote Yes. I try to fight for what i belive is right for the people of this city. I cannot pull Labour apart because they have a belive we need better transport. Of course we do my problem was the tax. We must ask this government to think again,what are the priority issues. We can finanace a war but we cannot offer the same level of investment in transport.How can we better our transport system when the buses need to be taken out of private ownership. If we have the extra buses what road do they run on. Have you seen oxford road it’s not cars that congest it but buses. Alternative transport, road managment. Stager working patterns flexible hrs. offer extra benifits to firms to relocate. The list is endless. That are a lot of Labour members who belive in the plan but i think they have lost touch with the real needs of the masses. It goes for my own party just because i am a liberal democrat i do not have to agree with everything we do have the right of free speech at the moment.

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