An Invitation To Join The Government Of Britain

Today we are inviting the British people to come together to change their country.

It’s an invitation to…

  • be your own boss
  • sack your MP
  • run your own school
  • own your own home
  • veto council tax rises
  • vote for your police
  • save your local pub or post office.

Our manifesto sets out our plans to change Britain:

  • Our school reform plan will raise standards and improve discipline.
  • Our welfare reform plan will make sure that everyone who can work does work.
  • Strong families are the bedrock of a strong society, so we are setting out plans to help make Britain the most family-friendly country in Europe.
  • We will cut government waste to stop Labour’s jobs tax, which will kill the recovery.
  • It reaffirms our support for the NHS.
  • It includes the boldest and most ambitious set of green measures ever put before the electorate by a mainstream party.

Our manifesto brings together all the work we’ve done over the last five years as we’ve changed into a modern, progressive Conservative Party. The central idea is that we’re all in this together, that working together we can change the country for the better. We’re saying that no government on its own can solve the big problems we face – everyone’s going to have to get involved. That’s why we’ve called it Invitation to join the Government of Britain.

Here’s your invitation to join the Government of Britain