Choose Hope Over Fear

Gordon Brown has rightly been chastised for the outright lies that Labour have published in their election leaflets across the country, including here in Worsley & Eccles South. It is very sad that the Labour Party have so little positive to say that they have resorted to attempting to scare pensioners and families into voting Labour. That’s not the sort of politics I want to be part of – I won’t shy away from criticism where criticism is due, but the Conservative manifesto paints a positive future for Britain. I hope that local people will choose hope and optimism over the lies, smear and fear peddled by the Labour Party.

So let’s debunk those Labour lies to pensioners¬†in full:

  • we will protect Disability Living Allowance for the over 65s and Attendance Allowance for pensioners;
  • we will keep the winter fuel allowance;
  • we will keep free TV licences for pensioners;
  • we will increase the basic state pension;
  • we will protect free bus passes for pensioners;
  • and we will protect and respect the rights and security of social housing rents.

Confidence in the political system is at an all-time low. The last thing we need is a Government elected on the back of scaring the electorate. It’s time for change. Vote Conservative on Thursday 6th May.

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One Response to Choose Hope Over Fear

  1. Carl Houghton says:

    Dear Iain. I am 100% opposed to Labour despite considering myself a floating voter. This is based on national rather than local issues – any CEO would be fired for so many years of losses … our economy boomed until recently yet we still show huge deficits every year. It is this legacy for my children that turns me right off a labour vote. On another note, my perception is that the Conservatives … and I include you in this … are still concentrating on slating the opposition more than promoting your own policies which I was concerned in the last TV debate were being made up on the spot. Frankly I’ve no idea if a LibDem vote is wasted as you suggest .. what evidence is there to support this? Consider me a tactical voter to get Labour out!

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