Unequal Votes

There’s been a lot of guff from the Labour Party about coalition proposals to make our Parliamentary boundaries fairer and more equal, and it’s interesting to compare their holier-than-thou attitude with the actual rules for their leadership contest taking place at the moment.

Jonathan Sheppard from the excellent Tory Radio posed an interesting question on Twitter earlier today – how many votes could a Labour activist theoretically get in the Labour leadership election?

Well, the Labour Party website lists sixteen affiliated organisations and fifteen affiliated trade unions. Votes are also available to all party members and additionally to all MPs and MEPs.

So, in theory, a Labour MP or MEP who joined every affiliate and every Union would be entitled to a whopping 33 legitimate leadership votes.

It does seem in the Labour Party that all members are equal, but some are more equal than others. Democracy in action, eh?

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3 Responses to Unequal Votes

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  2. Big Davie says:

    Well its not *quite* as bad as you make out. My understanding is that, under the Bridlington Agreement, you can actually only be a member of one Trade Union. In which case it’d be merely seventeen votes each!

  3. Big Davie says:

    Correction. It semems that Maggie T scuppered that part of the Bridlington Agreement, so you’re quite right about the 33 votes.

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