Karen’s Nine Steps For A Brighter Salford

Our Conservative candidate for Mayor of Salford, Karen Garrido, has put forward a nine-point plan that underpins her vision for the City if she is elected Mayor. You can find out more about Karen’s plans on her website but I thought it was worth sharing her nine points in full on this site.

  1. Lower Council Tax year-on-year, without harming front-line services.
  2. Declare Salford Open for Business.
  3. Protect Salford’s green spaces, including greenfield sites.
  4. A cleaner, greener city.
  5. Resources for communities to fix their local roads and highways.
  6. Zero-tolerance on crime and anti-social behaviour.
  7. Jobs and training opportunities for our young people.
  8. Fewer Councillors and allowances; greater public access to Local Democracy.
  9. Greater choice in education and a clear admissions policy

After forty years of Labour stagnation, it’s time for a fresh start – vote Conservative on Thursday 3rd May!

Is Shepherd’s Bush safer than Salford Quays?

BBC boss Rhian Roberts has found herself in a spot of bother over her comments that MediaCity:UK is “a different kettle of fish” to BBC Television Centre – the implication being that Salford Quays is a much less safe and secure place than Shepherd’s Bush.

Fortunately, thanks to the crime-mapping introduced by the Government at www.police.uk – something for which the coalition ought to get significant credit – we can try to look objectively at whether there is any truth to Ms Roberts’ concerns. Now, crime statistics are not perfect, but as we shall see, the results are fairly conclusive.

BBC Television Centre, Shepherd’s Bush, W12 7RJ

In February 2012, there were 1307 crimes in the vicinity of BBC Television Centre, including 153 instances of violent crime, 70 instances of public disorder and weapons, 54 drug-related incidents, 105 vehicle crimes and 386 reports of anti-social behaviour.

MediaCity:UK, Salford Quays, M50 2HQ

In comparison, there were just 211 crimes in the vicinity of MediaCity:UK in February 2012, of which only 14 were violent crime (although that is still 14 too many, of course).

Salford Quays, with 211 reported crimes compared to 1307 in February 2012, certainly is a “different kettle of fish” from Shepherd’s Bush, although perhaps not in the way that the author thought.

So, Ms Roberts, where would you feel safer?