Who Is Running The Labour Campaign?

I’m grateful to Liberal Democrat Steve Middleton who has shared with the world a letter he received from the Labour Party in Langworthy ward. I’m sure he won’t mind me commenting further on here. The letter is standard Labour Party guff, with little or no reference to local issues here in Salford, but the interesting thing about it is the return address, the printer and the franking mark:

The local Conservative campaign is being paid for and carried out by local volunteers and residents. I daresay that Steve’s Liberal Democrat campaign runs likewise. However, it is clear that the Labour Party campaign is being run not in the interests of the people of Salford, but in the interests of Ian Stewart’s Union baron friends.

There are many hard-working Unite members in Salford – including quite a few who vote Conservative – but sadly they are badly let down by the Union barons at the top of the organisation. Let’s not forget that the Unite General Secretary, Len McCluskey, described the Olympic Games as a “legitimate target” for industrial strike, and more recently the same Union almost brought the nation to a standstill by threatening fuel strikes.

Is Len McCluskey really the sort of person we want pulling the strings at Salford Council?

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  1. Salford, Worsley & Eccles Lib Dem campaigners have not only put our own in hands in our pockets to fund the local and mayoral elections, but we’ve sought donations from supporters across the city. This, however, cannot match the power of Ian Stewart’s union buddies.

    Unlike Labour, we have not bussed in activists from outside Salford – the Lib Dem knocking on your door asking for your vote or stuffing your letterbox with a Focus leaflet lives in Salford.

    The letter I received is exactly why political party donation reform must come now – and it can’t exclude union subscription levys like Ed Miliband wants.

    Let’s cap all donations at £10,000 no matter where they come from.

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