Vote Anne Broomhead for Walkden South

The rain falls, but the campaigning goes on! I’m out leafleting and talking to residents to help make sure that Anne Broomhead is elected as the next Councillor for Walkden South ward. Anne is a hard worker who knows the local area well, and she has strong track record of dedicated public service, so I know she will do a great job for local residents if she is elected on Thursday 3rd May.

It’s a straight fight in Walkden South between Anne and the Labour candidate who has been parachuted in from Blackfriars – a full nine miles from our area! Labour simply don’t listen to local people in Walkden – they’re ploughing on with the Misguided Busway and plans to bulldoze Burgess Farm, they tried their best to close St George’s High School and they’ve cocked up primary school admissions locally for the second year running.

Walkden South needs a local Councillor who will listen to residents – a voice for Walkden on the Council, not Labour’s mouthpiece in Walkden. You can only get that by voting for Anne Broomhead on election day.

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