Burgess Farm: Secretary of State Wants Your Views

There has been an important development in the Burgess Farm appeal by Peel Holdings. The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Eric Pickles MP, has decided that due to the new Planning Guidance the Government has recently issued, he wants to hear more views from local people about Burgess Farm.

The revised National Planning Policy Framework aims to put power back into the hands of communities to shape the places in which they live, and changes made have been welcomed by conservation groups. Indeed, the Director-General of the National Trust said: “There are a number of important changes that have been made to the draft, responding to concerns that we and others raised. All these changes improve the document and give it a better tone and balance.”

The Secretary of State wants to hear how local residents think the Burgess Farm plans fit in with the new guidance, which is published online at www.communities.gov.uk.

You can submit your views by e-mail to Pamela.roberts@communities.gsi.gov.uk, or in writing to Department for Communities and Local Government, Zone 1/H1, Eland House, Bressenden Place, London, SW1E 5DU. The deadline for comments is Friday 4th May.

Don’t forget, your local Conservative Councillors have always supported local residents over Burgess Farm. By contrast, the Labour Council have consistently voted to send in the bulldozers by including the site for development in the Council’s Core Strategy.

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One Response to Burgess Farm: Secretary of State Wants Your Views

  1. David G says:

    Iain, consider it done. I have ccd you in my long email, also with replies from Peel Holding Land and property department relating to the impact this is having on the wider community in Worsley and how Peel ignore local wishes.. You will note that I have also ccd in various other Councillors and also regional & national press desks. This needs far more coverage as locals feel ignored and powerless against this. I am pleased to find that you are giving this coverage, the issues of Burgess farm are also indicative of a strange but discussed special relationship between Peel and Salford Planning department.

    There are a number of stones that need to be turned over here and I hope it gains some attention.

    many thanks for bringing it to our attention.


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