Unpaid Internships On The Lowry Website

I note with interest that Hazel Blears is stepping up her campaign against unpaid internships.

She will not have to look far from her constituency to find examples. Indeed, the Lowry website carries an advert for an “Internship in Arts Administration”.¬†There’s no salary, but the lucky recipient will doubtless be reassured that “travel expenses will be provided of up to ¬£5 per day”.

I believe that volunteering, work placements and work experience can play an important role in gaining skills and experience. However, it is clear from the job description that this is effectively a part-time job, and is not what would be considered a volunteer role. The internship is with “Quays Culture” and not the Lowry itself – although I have difficulty finding out any more about “Quays Culture” as their website does not work. I think the Lowry would be wise to remove the advertisement.

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