Salford City Reds: The Right Decision (Finally)

I want Salford City Reds to do well. I can’t, however, justify the continued drain of taxpayers’ money into a professional sports team – so I think that the Council have made the right decision today to refuse any further bail-out of the club.

With so many local businesses struggling and local people tightening their belts, it is impossible to justify a further huge loan on top of the £1.5m that the Labour Council have already sunk into the club – and that’s on top of the huge loan that the Council took out to build our share of the stadium.

I hope that the City Reds can find alternative investment, and I know that they have given such pleasure to many – but that investment cannot and should not come from the taxpayer. The club also owe it to the taxpayer to ensure that the existing outstanding money – a huge sum of £1.5m – is repaid.

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