Parr Fold Park In The Snow

parrfoldwinter1The cold snap seems to be continuing, so it’s worth remembering that there’s some good advice and information about coping with the wintry weather on the Met Office website. Salford City Council also publish local advice on their website.

Please take care when out and about in the wintry weather. I saw one car sliding all over Broadway when I was walking to the station for work this morning. Unfortunately not every road in Walkden can be gritted, but having looked at the gritting schedules I’ve asked if Tynesbank, Parsonage Road and Broadway can be included on the list of secondary gritting routes for future occurances. They’re major residential roads that thousands of local residents on adjacent streets rely on to get to work, school and elsewhere.

Obviously if there’s anything else I can help with – snow-related or not! – please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

On a lighter note, I managed to take a few photographs of Parr Fold Park in the snow this morning, and you can see them on my Flickr feed. Enjoy!

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