Weekly General Bin Collections To Be Abolished

Salford City Council are planning to abolish weekly general waste collections later this year. There was a presentation on this at tonight’s Community Committee, and you can read more about the proposals (albeit with a healthy dose of spin) on the Council website.

Although I support the need to increase the amount we recycle, local residents in Walkden South already have one of the best recycling rates in the City, and it is a little unfair that local people here are seeing rather more of the “stick” than the “carrot”. I’m keen to hear the views of local residents on this matter.

The Government did provide some additional funding to retain weekly general waste collections, but Salford has not chosen this option. I note with interest that next-door Councils Manchester and Trafford have both received significant funding from this fund, to the tune of almost £9 million between them.

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3 Responses to Weekly General Bin Collections To Be Abolished

  1. Michael Corless says:

    This post is a little biased and does not give a balanced view of the presentation I saw last night at the Little Hulton and Walkden Community Committee meeting. There will now be a weekly collection of the pink bin in which we are now being asked to dispose our waste food which is to be emptied from a kitchen caddie. The council rep giving the presentation stressed that enforcement would be of a last resort.
    He also stated that they are recruiting 18 more operatives and hoped to save £4 million pounds if the recycling gets better.

    Also when you questioned the council rep about the funding referred to that Manchester and Trafford are seeking, I understood that the strings attached to that funding outweighed the benefits.

    instead of being negative about the current new cycling strategy I would like to hear your policy would be on waste disposal.

    I look forward to your comments

  2. Michael Corless says:

    Its just as well that not many people read your diary, as they get a very skewed view of this fresh council strategy. Ratepayers will still have a weekly collection, which you failed to mention, for the disposal of perishable waste viz the pink bin. I was at that same meeting and the council representative stressed that this so called stick you highlighted would only be used as a very last resort for those who persistently fail to sort their waste into the required bin.
    When will you career politicians stop bickering and sniping and work for the good of your electorate. National political parties need to be BANNED from local council business and councillors need to follow the needs of the locals rather the uphold the dictat from central office. I will be posting my views on the Walkden South councillors webpage/blog.

  3. Iain says:

    Hi Michael,

    Thank you for your comments, although I’m not entirely sure why you felt the need to post them twice.

    I’m entitled to my opinion on the waste collection (and you’re welcome to agree or disagree with it). I’m not sure I’m hiding anything; if I was I certainly would not have linked to the Council website in the very first paragraph of the article. I trust residents to make their own minds up.

    I think you may have misunderstood my comments about the carrot and stick. The introduction of a two-weekly general waste collection *is* the stick, as it assumes that residents are unable to recycle without the added penalty of having to wait an additional week for collection. I have more faith in the people of Walkden South than that.

    As for the comments about national political parties, I try my best for local people in Walkden. I don’t get everything right nor do I expect residents to agree with me all the time. I’ve put my name on the ballot three times, I’ve never hidden my political affiliation, and I’m humbled that my own neighbours have chosen me as their Councillor on each occasion. I hope they do so again next time, but if not, that’s democracy.

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