Parr Fold Park Circus Application – Your Views Wanted

I have been informed by Council officers that “Circus Funtasia” wish to apply to use Parr Fold Park for performances from 2nd September to 9th September.

Actual performance dates would be 4th September to 8th September with the remainder of the time for setting up and packing away. If approved, the circus would seat 500 spectators.

Both myself and Councillor Turner felt it was important to consult with local residents in the vicinity of the Park who may be affected.

Whilst I am keen to give local families as much opportunity to attend events as possible, I do have concerns that previous usage of the Park by funfairs has left the Park in a very poor state, particularly the grass in the centre of the Park which was left rutted and muddy in the past. I also know that some residents are be concerned about parking and traffic, which is already exacerbated by both the railway station and the college.

If you have a view on whether “Circus Funtasia” should be allowed to use the Park, please let me know by commenting on this article or by e-mailing me at Unfortunately the deadline for this is very short and I will need any further comments by Sunday 7th July.

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8 Responses to Parr Fold Park Circus Application – Your Views Wanted

  1. Mr D Schofield says:

    Dear Iain Has a resident of Rutland rd the last thing I would want is a circus on the Park for 4days in September,
    quite apart from the noise and the crowds I can just imagine the state the park will be in when they leave its bad enough on a normal sunny bank holiday cans and bottles ect.ect strewn all over the place.

    I hope I make opinion clear and thanks for asking I hope it has some effect.

    D Schofield

  2. Lindsy Slamon says:

    An event of this kind would cause significant damage to the park, which I assume the circus would not be responsible for rectifying. The performances would also result in a huge influx of traffic, not only increasing congestion in an already busy area, but causing chaos in surrounding residential areas where parking is already limited. I for one, do not wish to be unable to park outside my own address when I arrive home from work, having collected my two young children en route, for an entire week. This should not be allowed!

  3. Philip Read says:

    I wish to object to the proposed circus event. I don’t think it is a good use of the park as it will prevent people from using the wide open space for walking, running.
    As with past events the park has been left looking like a rubbish tip. Therefore a bigger event like a circus will mean the park will be damaged for longer with rubbish and the event vehicles / attractions.

  4. R Worrall says:

    I am completely against the use of Parr Fold for a circus event. From my experiences in the past with these travelling type communities the area will suffer from massive crime increases. Cars will be broken into and damaged due to large groups of youths that will congregate to the area. Also local thieves and opportunists will operate more knowing that more cars will come from further afield to the area. I am not the most trusting person to travelling communities and i must admit i hold absolutely no respect for thier way of life and why they ruin local communities with cheap tacky style circus and fairground events!
    The park will be ruined by large plant and lorries, churning up the grasses and also taking up large amounts of space within the park, which local people enjoy using, albeit dog walking or children playing football (and please dont forget that fields are becoming something of the past. ie walkden high school which took a great field away from us and we will never get a new one in its place will we Salford councillors?)
    I am completely against this circus application and if it goes ahead it will be a complete shame. I still hold a small amount of hope with our communist style/run planning/application department, but lets hope that they see sense in this one! It isnt rocket science Salford, dont do it!

  5. I would be very concerned if the park was to be damaged, is there not a charge to such users for the clean up/ restoration of the land used?
    This Circus is here to make money, fine, we all have to work and earn, however, if they cannot leave the ground as they find it, and we the ratepayers have to foot the bill for any restoration work, then we are subsidising their income.
    Charge a hefty deposit, do not return it unless they make good any damage!

  6. Sam says:

    I have just been to the Circus Funtasia at the Burrs in Bury, and yes whilst there is an increase in traffic it is no more than rush hour on Walkden road less in fact. This is a small circus with not too many heavy vehicles and from what i’ve seen of the Burrs they haven’t made any mess. As pointed out by a previous reply there is more mess in Parr Fold Park after a sunny weekend of skateboarders and gangs of kids.

  7. Mr M Critchley says:

    Dear Iain,

    I wish to register strong objections to Walkden Park being used as the site for a circus. The long term damage to the lawns, shrubs and trees together with the huge amount of traffic congestion and parking problems for the residents, are good enough reasons to say no.

  8. john mcphee says:

    R Worrall – You are an extreme ignorant person to say that crime rates would increase from such an event. How dare you tar an entertainment community with such a statement. I hold no respeect for people like you! Rude little man.

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