Salford Labour prepare the bulldozers

Last week I wrote about the upcoming consultation on the proposed “Greater Manchester Spatial Framework” and the dramatic (and in many cases negative) impact that it will have on communities across Salford and especially in the west of the City.

The consultation is now live – you can respond to the consultation via the special consultation portal on the Combined Authority website. I would encourage as many local people as possible to respond to the consultation, which closes at 5pm on Friday 23rd December.

Alongside this, details have now been published of Salford’s draft “local plan”. On Monday this was approved for consultation by Salford Labour’s planning chief, Cllr Derek Antrobus. The local plan is a similar document to the spatial framework, and all the spatial framework proposals are included within the local plan, but the local plan contains additional details and (sadly) some further new sites for development. Sites under threat from the Salford Council bulldozer include:

  • Brackley golf course in Little Hulton
  • the former St George’s playing fields on Hilton Lane
  • green space at Lumber Lane in Roe Green
  • Hill Top Moss, which is part of Blackleach Country Park

As I said last week, and as many local people have said to me over a number of years, there are two issues here: one is the loss of green space, and the second is the failure to provide appropriate infrastructure to meet the consequences of development. These two documents are large and complicated, and I am still to read through much of the detail, but I felt it was important to inform residents as soon as possible.

Consultation on the local plan will run largely alongside the spatial framework consultation – the full proposals will be available on the Council website from Tuesday 8th November and the final date for comments will be Friday 6th January.

It is asking a lot of residents to digest these two enormous and wide-ranging documents in such a short space of time (especially at what is the busiest time of the year for many families) but the more responses are submitted, the more chance we have of changing some of the most damaging proposals.

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