A message from Iain Lindley: your candidate for Worsley & Eccles South

Dear neighbours,

It is a tremendous honour to have been selected to stand as the Conservative candidate for Worsley & Eccles South at the forthcoming General Election on 8th June.

I have always seen winning an election as the start of a job, not the end goal. It’s about what we do when we’re elected that matters. That’s why I stood to be a Councillor in my own community in Walkden, and it’s why I have put my name forward to stand for Parliament here in my home constituency. I’ve not got everything right in my time as a Councillor, and you can never agree with all the people all of the time, but I hope that residents feel that I have tried my best and that I have had a positive impact for the community I represent on the Council. If elected as your MP I would retain the same community focus.

At a General Election there are national concerns and local concerns. I believe there is a clear choice nationally: stability and security under the leadership of Theresa May, and Jeremy Corbyn’s chaotic and extreme Labour Party. There is also a choice to be made locally and I wanted to outline the sort of MP that I’d be if I had the honour of being elected.

  • Locally rooted. I live here and I grew up here. My family come from Walkden and Boothstown. I went to James Brindley Primary, Walkden High School and Eccles College, and I commute daily to work from Walkden station. I don’t need to travel to visit the constituency because this is already my home.
  • Open and accessible. I’ll open a high street constituency office so that residents can pop in. I’ll run regular surgeries including drop-in surgeries which won’t require an appointment. I’ll make my e-mail address public – not just an online form – and unlike my Labour opponent I’ll accept messages via the excellent Write To Them website.
  • Proactive. I’ll hold an annual “jobs, skills and apprenticeships” fair to help residents looking for work or for a change in career path. I’ll continue to support community groups across the constituency, building on the work I’ve done as a local Councillor. I’ll continue to send regular news e-mails to residents, with the same mix of community news and a dash of politics as now. I’ll continue to circulate the list of upcoming local events by e-mail. You can sign up to the bulletin on this website!

I look forward to seeing many of you on the campaign trail over the coming weeks. If you have any questions – on a local issue or a national concern – please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

If you would like to help my campaign – whether that’s delivering leaflets, displaying a poster, or simply pledging your support – I’ve created a short volunteer form, which will only take a moment to complete: https://goo.gl/forms/JJX3JPAeO1xptslz2

Kindest regards,


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