Say no to congestion charging by the back door!

Dear neighbours,

In 2008, Greater Manchester decisively rejected Labour’s plans for a congestion charge in a referendum. Here in Salford, a massive 84% of people voted against the plans.

Now Labour-controlled Transport for Greater Manchester has been making secret plans to re-introduce congestion charging by the back door – as reported by the BBC and by the Manchester Evening News. This must be stopped now.

We need to improve our public transport services, not punish local people for using their cars. That’s why I’ve campaigned for more rail services, better access to stations, improved local buses, and the extension of the Metrolink.

Many residents rely on their cars for work, education and for visiting family, and it is wrong to punish them for doing so, especially as many do not have an alternative option.

We said no in the referendum – we meant it. That’s why I’ve launched a petition to make sure that residents can send a clear message – no congestion charge by the back door. The referendum result must be respected.

Click here to sign my petition.

Kindest regards,


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