Thank you for your support!

I am beyond grateful to all 17,667 local residents who placed their cross against my name at last Thursday’s election. It is a huge honour to receive so many votes from my own community – 5,013 more votes than in 2015 and an increase in the Conservative vote share of 8.6%.

Unfortunately it was not to be, and I wish Barbara Keeley well as she continues as MP for Worsley and Eccles South. I am also pleased – regardless of the result – to see more people in our area engage with our democracy and go out and vote.

This is my home and I will continue to live here and play a role in our local community, especially in Walkden South which I will continue to serve as a local Councillor to the best of my ability.

A big thank you also to everyone who contributed to my campaign, and supported me through the election period. A small number of people did a huge amount of work and I will never be able to so thank you enough.

I’ll fight to protect our green spaces

Our green spaces are part of what makes our area special – whether that’s the Moss in Irlam, Cadishead and Barton, the greenway in Worsley, or our green spaces in Boothstown and Walkden. I’ve got a strong track record of campaigning to protect our green fields across Worsley & Eccles South. Today I was in Irlam speaking to local residents about my commitment to protecting the moss in Irlam and Cadishead from the bulldozers proposed in the Labour Council’s local plan.