A message from Iain Lindley: your candidate for Worsley & Eccles South

Dear neighbours,

It is a tremendous honour to have been selected to stand as the Conservative candidate for Worsley & Eccles South at the forthcoming General Election on 8th June.

I have always seen winning an election as the start of a job, not the end goal. It’s about what we do when we’re elected that matters. That’s why I stood to be a Councillor in my own community in Walkden, and it’s why I have put my name forward to stand for Parliament here in my home constituency. I’ve not got everything right in my time as a Councillor, and you can never agree with all the people all of the time, but I hope that residents feel that I have tried my best and that I have had a positive impact for the community I represent on the Council. If elected as your MP I would retain the same community focus.

At a General Election there are national concerns and local concerns. I believe there is a clear choice nationally: stability and security under the leadership of Theresa May, and Jeremy Corbyn’s chaotic and extreme Labour Party. There is also a choice to be made locally and I wanted to outline the sort of MP that I’d be if I had the honour of being elected.

  • Locally rooted. I live here and I grew up here. My family come from Walkden and Boothstown. I went to James Brindley Primary, Walkden High School and Eccles College, and I commute daily to work from Walkden station. I don’t need to travel to visit the constituency because this is already my home.
  • Open and accessible. I’ll open a high street constituency office so that residents can pop in. I’ll run regular surgeries including drop-in surgeries which won’t require an appointment. I’ll make my e-mail address public – not just an online form – and unlike my Labour opponent I’ll accept messages via the excellent Write To Them website.
  • Proactive. I’ll hold an annual “jobs, skills and apprenticeships” fair to help residents looking for work or for a change in career path. I’ll continue to support community groups across the constituency, building on the work I’ve done as a local Councillor. I’ll continue to send regular news e-mails to residents, with the same mix of community news and a dash of politics as now. I’ll continue to circulate the list of upcoming local events by e-mail. You can sign up to the bulletin on this website!

I look forward to seeing many of you on the campaign trail over the coming weeks. If you have any questions – on a local issue or a national concern – please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

If you would like to help my campaign – whether that’s delivering leaflets, displaying a poster, or simply pledging your support – I’ve created a short volunteer form, which will only take a moment to complete: https://goo.gl/forms/JJX3JPAeO1xptslz2

Kindest regards,


New threat to Worsley greenway

Like most local people in Worsley and across the wider area, I objected to Peel’s plans to build homes on the greenway at Broadoak Park. These plans were rejected by the planning panel, at a public inquiry and by the Secretary of State – but the developer refuses to let the matter rest. Salford’s draft local plan also rightly recommends that the Worsley greenway is redesignated as green belt land.

Not content with launching a legal challenge which would see a new inquiry called, today Peel have submitted a new application to build 165 dwellings on the southern part of the site. The application reference isĀ 17/69773/OUTEIA.

The Worsley greenway is a vital green lung not just for those who live nearby but for residents across Worsley, Walkden, Swinton and Eccles, areas that all suffer from poor air quality. This isn’t the right site for new houses and it’s important that residents object to this new application, even if you’ve objected to previous applications.