Another Good Day To Bury Bad News

Two weeks ago, Health Secretary Alan Johnson announced that the Labour Government would be supporting the recommendations of the laughably-named “Making It Better” review of maternity services. This means that the excellent and highly-valued maternity and neo-natal units at Hope Hospital will close.

This is an appalling decision which defies belief, and I hope there is still an opportunity to reverse it. The hard-working staff in the maternity and neo-natal units, and the mothers, mothers-to-be and children of Salford all deserve far better than this. I am sure that a future Conservative Government will look again at the unjustifiable closure of essential maternity services.

Of course, if the “Making It Better” decision was abhorrent, the way in which it was announced was no better. I’ve heard and read a lot of utter rubbish about Gordon Brown’s “new approach to politics”, but the decision to close Hope’s maternity unit shows that the same old Labour spin machine is still very much alive.

The Health Secretary slipped the decision out of the back door on the Friday afternoon before the August Bank Holiday weekend, when half the country are on holiday, press readership is even lower than usual and most of the media have already packed up for a long weekend. Short of issuing a press release on Christmas Day, Labour couldn’t have done a better job of ensuring that as few people as possible heard the news.

A “new kind of politics”? Don’t make me laugh. The tens of thousands of people who rely on Hope Hospital certainly aren’t amused. 

Another good day to bury bad news? You bet.

Back by popular demand…

After an enforced and unplanned sabbatical, Cllr Iain Lindley’s Diary is now back up and running, albeit from a slightly different location.

I’ve used the same company to host my blog since I started blogging in 2004 – it seems a long time ago now! My hosting was excellent value for money and I have never had cause to complain. Unfortunately about a month ago, a problem with another site hosted on the same server forced the whole lot offline. This was out of my control and out of my host’s control. I had no notice so I was unable to back up my data, including the archives for this blog.

I had hoped that the situation would resolve itself quickly and I would have been able to resume blogging, but unfortunately it is now clear that this is not the case. In the circumstances, I have decided to pick up blogging again on a new server, and so here I am!

I hope to regain control of the web address soon, and I will redirect the address to this new site when I am able to do so. I don’t know when I’ll get access to my data but I will import all the archives onto this new blog when I manage to do so.

Thank you to everyone who has e-mailed or messaged me asking when my blog will be back, it’s good to know that there are people out there reading what I write!

It’s good to be back.