How Labour Party Funding Works

There’s a must-read article on ConservativeHome about Trade Union funding for the Labour Party.

At the TUC Conference Gordon Brown announced that a further £2.8 million of taxpayers’ money would be bunged to the Unions. This brings the total for the “Union Modernisation Fund” to almost £10 million. Meanwhile – and I’m sure by complete coincidence – the Unions fund the Labour Party to the tune of £17 million per annum.

Perhaps if they donated less money to the Labour Party they wouldn’t need £10 million in spurious “modernisation” money from the taxpayers’ pocket?

To end on a local note, the Labour Party across the City of Salford has received over £12000 in Union donations since 2001. Your Conservative literature is paid for and delivered by local volunteers, and not by the taxpayer or the trade unions.