A new school for Mesne Lea Primary


I was delighted last week, along with many local residents, to have the opportunity to view the proposals for the new school buildings at Mesne Lea Primary. I had the great privilege to serve as a Governor at the school in the past, and it is also the school that my mum and uncle attended as children, so I’m really excited to see the new buildings take shape.

The new building is being funded by the Government, and unlike the recent high school new builds it is not a PFI, so the school will have full control over the building once it is completed. I know that there are a few issues that still need to be sorted out with residents, particularly with regard to traffic and in one case the site border, but the new building will be a fantastic resource for the pupils and hopefully for the local community.

A planning application will be submitted in the near future and I will make sure that residents are kept fully up-to-date with the plans.

Friends of Parr Fold Park – get involved!


Parr Fold Park is a huge asset to the local community but like many local residents I think that it could be even better. On Wednesday 27th August, we’re holding a meeting with a view to setting up a new “Friends of Parr Fold Park” group. The meeting will start at 6pm at the park pavilion (next to the tennis courts).

It would be great to see as many local people there as possible to hear your views on how the park is at the moment and how you think it could be improved in the future. I hope to see you there!

I know it is a busy time of year for many people and it is also holiday season. If you can’t make the meeting but would like to have your say, please drop me a line and I’ll make sure that your comments are included in the discussion.

Term delayed at St Ambrose Barlow

Extremely disappointing news from St Ambrose Barlow. The new extension being built to accomodate pupils displaced from St George’s High School will not be ready on time, so children entering year eight and year nine will get an extra two weeks of summer holiday.

This is two weeks of school that those pupils will not get back, and it will create a real headache for working parents who will now have to sort out two weeks of extra childcare. I hope that the school, Council or contractor can make some provisions to support this.

Of course, this whole situation would not have arisen if the Council had not starved St George’s of funds until the school gave up and acquiesced to the closure. The school will close their doors for the final time later this month – a very sad day.

Council set to flog Hilton Lane green fields to developers


Despite my strong representations on behalf of local residents, the Deputy City Mayor last week decided to sell the former St George’s High School playing fields on Hilton Lane to developers. I am appalled by this decision and along with Conservative colleagues I have asked for the decision to be “called-in” for further scrutiny.

It beggars belief that the Labour Council can on one hand claim to support green field sites and then with the other hand attempt to flog off green field sites which belong to the people of Salford. Even worse – the decision notice includes a proposal to have a cosy behind-closed-doors meeting with Peel Holings who as residents know own the neighbouring land.

Hilton Lane simply does not have the infrastructure to cope with even more housing. As this land is already in public ownership, it should be easy to protect, and yet here are Salford Labour planning to sell it to the highest bidder.

“Jam Butty Camp” Saved!

I’m absolutely thrilled that the management committee of the Salford Children’s Holiday Camp have reversed their decision to close the camp down. Salford children can now enjoy visiting the camp again in 2015.

This is a huge victory for the camp campaigners, led by Nick Abbott, who have done an absolutely phenomenal job on behalf of local residents and the camp. They can be truly proud of their efforts although I am sure that they are the first to realise that the hard work is far from over!

You can support the campaign team in making sure that the camp opens for business again in 2015 by joining their Facebook group or donating via their JustGiving page.